Case Study

Stylo solves 80% of Tier 1 customer support tickets for agents

At Stylo, we believe in making customer support more thoughtful, efficient, and effective. Stylo Assist, our AI assistant, has been making waves in the customer support landscape, and we're excited to share a success story from a large e-commerce marketplace!


Scaling Support Without Compromising Human Touch

Facing a 70% YoY increase in ticket volume, they were at a crossroads; improve the customer experience with faster and more thoughtful responses without growing headcount in the customer support team.The customer experience is a point of pride so chatbots were a no-go."chatbots are great for a particular situation, but they can end up introducing an enormous amount of friction into the customer experience if they aren't implemented perfectly. We try to make a customer experience that people love - Nobody loves trying to convince a robot that they deserve to speak to a human.”


Efficiency Soars, Customer Experience Thrives

Implementing Stylo brought about a 40% improvement in agent efficiency for Tier 1 tickets. “What used to take 10 minutes for agents to research and write a response now takes a mere 10 seconds.” The best part was that the customer experience wasn't hit for this efficiency gain - NPS and CSAT were actually improved throughout implementation.

Stylo's "Use My Input" functionality proved invaluable even for tickets that couldn't be fully automated. This feature allowed the team to turn short, solution-oriented inputs into personalized customer responses. The Tier 2 team experienced a 20% reduction in Time to Resolution (TTR) as they no longer had to craft unique and friendly responses for short, technical solutions. Just type in a quick response and Stylo makes it friendly and empathetic.


Choosing Stylo: A No-Brainer Decision

After exploring various options, including building a solution in-house, they chose Stylo for its simplicity, effectiveness, and incredible value. Stylo worked out of the box within 24 hours, with no complex setup or dedicated headcount required. At just $15 per agent per month, it was an "absolute no-brainer price for the value."


Beyond Efficiency: Unexpected Impacts

“We love the ability to maintain a consistent customizable brand voice" ensuring that every interaction resonates with their unique identity. Stylo's real-time translation capabilities, coupled with responses indistinguishable from a human, added an extra layer of efficiency to their support interactions.

Stylo exceeded expectations - providing a solution that streamlined the support processes and enhanced the overall customer experience. Join the satisfied support teams that have transformed their support with Stylo Assist. Catch a demo here, and try it for yourself at Your customers will thank you, and your support team will too!

See what Stylo can do for you

See what Stylo can do for you

See what Stylo can do for you

Case Study

ShipHero Leverages Stylo to Improve the Customer Experience, Gain Visibility, and Impact Their Bottom Line

Stylo’s AI-driven analytics platform empowered ShipHero to uncover Support, Product, and Customer Success blindspots. ShipHero leveraged Stylo’s sentiment scores to analyze every customer interaction, creating a 360-degree view of the pain points impacting the customer experience. The company improved CSAT, increased efficiencies, and delivered a quick return on investment.

"When it comes to what we can do with Stylo, the possibilities are endless. I couldn't ask for a better partner."

Jen Williams of ShipHero

Jen Williams

SVP of Customer Success, ShipHero

What ShipHero achieved with Stylo

  • Gained automated insights allowing them to prioritize support tickets by churn risk

  • Became confident and data-driven in their product roadmap and business decisions

  • Reduced cost per support ticket by 30%

  • Accelerated ticket response time

For ShipHero, the customer experience is everything. eCommerce companies rely on ShipHero to manage complex, time-sensitive fulfillment and shipping cycles. Their customers know all too well that a mishap or delay can domino into supply bottlenecks and unhappy partners.

Jen Williams is the Senior Vice President of Customer Success at ShipHero. As a CS & Support executive, Jen works closely with Engineering and Product to achieve one core mission: improve the customer experience.


Gain big-picture visibility into the customer experience

After assuming her role, Jen started meeting regularly with ShipHero’s Engineering team. Each time they met, it seemed Engineering had the same question: What were the top trends in tickets? What patterns had Jen seen in the issues customers were reporting?

It was a reasonable question – which made it all the more troubling for Jen when she realized she couldn’t answer it. “The data I had was only as good as what was being categorized,” Jen says. “But tickets weren’t being categorized consistently or properly. There were gaps, there was cherry-picking. Engineering needed to know the top drivers of customer effort and frustration so they could know how best to improve the product. But I didn’t have that information.”

Jen knew this lack of visibility into the customer experience threatened not only her team’s efficacy, but also Engineering’s – and that, downstream, it threatened company leadership’s ability to make informed strategic decisions.


Leverage Stylo to uncover external and internal problem areas

Stylo provided visibility into:

  • Common sources of customer frustration

  • How much time and effort customers typically spend resolving an issue

  • Which tickets have the highest impact and urgency

  • The rate at which tickets are escalated to Engineering

  • Instances of important tickets going unresolved

Jen’s team started leveraging Stylo’s Artificial Intelligence platform to analyze their customer support tickets, enabling them to uncover patterns in the issues their customers were reporting and categorize tickets based on the level of urgency and impact. Jen found particular value in Stylo’s integration with Zendesk, which allows ShipHero to automatically route and categorize tickets. “The goal was to better prioritize the issues our customers were experiencing, so Engineering would know how to make the biggest, and most immediate, positive impact,” Jen says. “We got insight into the overall volume of tickets, and what the most common drivers of frustration were. We also got a better sense not just of the issues our customers were experiencing, but of how much time and energy they were having to spend to resolve those issues.”

The Stylo platform didn’t just provide a better understanding of customer issues – it also gave Jen visibility into how her team was responding to them. “I’m able to better manage the team because I can pinpoint gaps in the team’s knowledge or training, and find room for process improvements. For example, Stylo shows me the percentage of tickets that are escalated to Engineering, which enables me to then decide whether I need to train the team so they don’t escalate as much, or work with Engineering to make sure issues are resolved.”

Jen found that the Stylo team was fully invested in her success. “Stylo is always available to help us get the most out of the system,” she says. “When it comes to what we can do with Stylo, the possibilities are endless. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”


Happy customers and data-driven decisions

Working with Stylo has given Jen’s team a holistic understanding of the customer experience, empowering ShipHero to take a smarter approach to addressing pain points. “When Engineering makes their product improvements, they can now prioritize the issues that have the biggest customer impact,” Jen says. “An issue that once might have taken months to address now gets moved to the front of the line.” This has led to concrete benefits for ShipHero:

  • Customer satisfaction has increased

  • The cost of support has dropped

  • The team has accelerated their ticket response time

“When Engineering makes their product improvements, they can now prioritize the issues that have the biggest customer impact,” Jen says. “An issue that once might have taken months to address now gets moved to the front of the line.”

Jen’s experience with Stylo has also made her more confident when briefing the rest of ShipHero leadership. “My team has become better stewards of the business. We’re able to better articulate the needs of the customer, and we’re now making decisions based on data, not gut feelings,” she says. “It’s easy to think the sky is falling based on anecdotal reports of unhappy customers. But the visibility we’ve gained from Stylo helps put things in perspective, so we’re not making emotional decisions and steering the ship the wrong way.”

Recently, Jen told her COO that, after leveraging Stylo on the shipping side of the house, they now plan to bring Stylo in on the fulfillment side. The COO’s response? “I can’t wait.”