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Stylo Scores includes:
Frustration, Urgency, Delight, No Survey CSAT & NPS
Escalation likelihood prediction
Business rules (triggers and automations)
Automated ticket routing and triage

Stylo Categories

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Everything in Stylo Scores, plus:
Custom tagging and categorization of issues
AI ticket-classification: tagging of issues using pre-trained NLP customized to your business
Custom implementation and setup assistance
Custom reporting


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How can I validate the accuracy of Stylo's Scores?


To prove Stylo's accuracy, we took the data from NPS and CSAT calculated via the traditional surveys and compared it with Stylo's predictive scores. With a correlation coefficient of 87% for NPS and 91% for CSAT, Stylo allows you to hear your customers' voices as if 100% of them filled a survey out.

Do I need to train your model before it works?


Unlike other Customer Support AI tools, Stylo doesn't require any training or setup! Stylo Scores are ready to go out of the box.

Security is important. Where can I learn more about your certifications?


Stylo has received Service Organization Control (SOC) 2, Type II Certification as an independent validation of compliance with the industry best practices. Email for our Security Documentation.

How long does it take to set up?


Stylo is a true plug-and-play experience. Zendesk and Salesforce setup takes less than 5 minutes so you can start seeing data in under 24 hours!

We already use some similar tools. What are the benefits of switching to Stylo?


With Stylo's custom scores, intelligent ticket prioritization, and smart reporting, you get the ultimate visibility into what's happening in your Support team. Fast, secure, and accurate, Stylo gives you the answers to the biggest questions in support.

What industry is Stylo best suited for? Will it work on my data?


Stylo NLP model is pre-trained to understand customer messages from any domain and industry. Trained on 27 TB of pure text data, Stylo understands meaning and emotion better than a support rep would. And as language and industry-specific slang change, Stylo adapts.

Which Stylo pricing plan is the best for my goals?


Stylo scores allows your team to understand customer sentiment, including frustration and urgency, the instant a ticket is created. Predictive CSAT and NPS are included with scores, along with the ability to create business rules to automatically escalate, triage, and assign tickets based on sentiment scores. This plan starts at $10 per agent, per month and has no minimum. Stylo Categories requires Stylo Scores, upping your triaging, routing, and reporting game dramatically by instantly understanding and tagging your tickets with correlated concepts that a human can't always catch. We also work with your team to help set up your custom categories, triaging and escalation rule building, and reporting. Categories starts at $500 per month for the whole organization.

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