Create amazing customer support experiences.

Prioritize your most impactful customer interactions based on the signals that matter the most.

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Catch every critical moment

Stylo’s NLP reads every ticket and automatically tags it with in-depth and clear information, the instant it comes in—as if your agent filled out drop-downs in your system.

Sentiment scores like Frustration, Urgency, Delight, Projected CSAT, and Projected NPS are applied to those same categories & tags for a clear picture of what is happening at a 10,000 foot view or within each interaction.

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Pre-trained NLP engine

The most accurate NLP

Stylo's natural language processing engine understands meaning and emotion better than a human. When defining tags and categories, it feels like a human did the work. Seeing is believing—ask about our no-risk trial.

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SOC 2 Type II Certified

Data security & privacy first

We’re SOC 2, Type II certified, have PII removal, and hold an “A” grade from SecurityScorecard. We have a range of flexible deployment options that are non-SaaS based for the extra-security conscious companies.

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5 minute integrations

Auto-fill data into your tools

Zendesk, Salesforce, Jira, Intercom, Snowflake, Slack, and more! Integrations take <15 minutes to set up because we’re built for speed.

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Time to value within 30 days

Fast. Easy. And ready to go.

Because our NLP model and technology needs zero additional input, it’s ready to go from day 1. 95% of AI-based tech can’t do this. A true “plug-and-play” experience.

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Automatic Triage
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Instant Prioritization
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Smart Routing

Get to the right support rep

Instead of filling in drop-downs and pick-lists, just ask Stylo. Every detail is auto-filled for you based on what was written by the customer.

You can route tickets by priority, customer size, region, customer persona, or frustration, to your internal subject-matter-expert, or by any grouping.

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support reps by performance tablesupport reps by performance table

Clone your best rep

Ensure Quality Assurance by identifying who your top-performing reps by seeing exactly what the highest ranked reps are doing differently than the rest...and the worst.

Measure performance on anything like Time to Resolution, CSAT, the customer’s Frustration Score, or any sentiment score or traditional KPI.

Find the gaps in training and easily identify coaching opportunities to improve your Customer Support team.

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Usher in a new generation of support.