Stylo Assist

Give your agents ChatGPT in every ticket, in every language.

Stylo Assist is an AI assistant that lives right inside your agents' messaging windows, bringing the power of ChatGPT directly to each ticket.

Reads and understands every customer interaction

Agents can use Assist to auto-generate context-aware responses to a ticket, create a summary of lengthy or complex tickets, or utilize the Use My Input feature to have Assist generate a response around more specific context.

Generates a unique response for every ticket

Each response generated is completely unique, and you can even ask it to make an existing response sound nicer! Match your customer's speaking style with ease, or instruct it to use your preferred voice tone. No more templated responses!

Finds similar tickets and Zendesk Guide™ articles

Using the Research and Answer feature, Assist will search your previous support tickets for ones similar to your current ticket and search your company's Zendesk Guide™ to find relevant articles. From the solved tickets and help articles, Stylo generates an even more intelligent answer based on what was most successful in the past and current company content.

Knows your company like you do

Assist is automatically integrated with your Zendesk Guide™, so the responses are based on your company's specific policies. It is smart enough to detect changes in your company policies and suggest changes to things like knowledge base articles in real-time.

Speaks any language your customers do

Stylo Assist also translates any message into and out of any language in a way that sounds natural to the recipient, so that you can communicate more effectively with any customer.