Humanizing AI: The Stylo Rebrand

Feb 13, 2023

We're so excited to share with you something our team has been working hard on: our rebrand and the new face of Stylo!

When we started Stylo, we had a vision of improving every customer's experience with support, making every support agent's job easier, and providing support leaders with tools to make evidence-based decisions. As we have grown and matured, we've gained a better understanding of ourselves and of the people we have the privilege of serving. It is one of our core beliefs that the power of humans is greatly augmented by the advances in AI, and the most powerful teams will teams leveraging the strength of humans and AI together. (And no, this post wasn't written by AI.) We're so happy to get to let you experience who we are as a company and the face we'd like to wear for the world.

Stylo is here to help all of your support agents be the most efficient and effective, like a trusty AI co-pilot should be. While a lot of AI products look sterile, robotic, and futuristic, the heart of Stylo is more organic. One thing we do to serve support teams is utilize AI to understand not only what customers are thinking, but what they're feeling. We wanted something that was approachable, fun, and inviting. Since so much of our job is interpreting customers' emotions for support representatives, we'd be remiss to exclude emotion from our most prominent brand marks. Our word mark and logo are ever-playful, friendly, and confident, also capturing what we believe are the best qualities of human teams.

At Stylo, we believe AI is uniquely poised to help with a lot of issues faced by modern support teams. We not only provide the tools to catch your most frustrated customer in real-time, but we help you and your team figure out how to consistently improve in the long run. We know this is possible because we've spent over a year watching Stylo help support teams in so many different ways. We're excited about this chapter of Stylo! We're grateful to have a brand identity that serves as a foundation to build off of as we continue to grow Stylo and serve more support teams everywhere.

In partnership,

The Stylo Team