The Increasing Importance of Customer Support

Dec 5, 2022

The Increasing Importance of Customer Support

We’re here … and it's also 2023! We made it?... 😬

We’ve tackled the heydays of the pandemic, quarantining on and off for two years, working from home along with our families, and now? Now we have a market downturn with 2023 around the corner. 

We know how this affects business generally, but how does it impact customer support?

1. Quality and consistency > everything

Sales teams are feeling feeling the pressure 

Customer Success’s churn will increase

and Support will be more critical than ever. 

Customers are cutting costs left and right and doing heavier research on tools now more than ever. If your team has a reputation of consistency and quality – you’ll be winning. If they don’t? This is a good time to revamp your processes.

2. Value, value, value

How can your support team bring value to your customers proactively to make sure you get ahead of any downturns? 

Did new features or updates roll out that weren’t communicated to customers? 

With small teams, this can happen really frequently. New updates getting launched and customers get left totally in the dust. Try making videos recording walkthroughs of new features or work with your teams to write up product launches every time updates happen. 

The more they see the value and hear about the changes you’re making, the happier they’ll be. 

3. Make it easy for them!

You know that annoying feeling of waking up to a full calendar, only to login and find your Zendesk or Slack doesn’t work? Immediate panic sets in, and now you have to send an email to some generic support line that you might not hear back from for forty-eight hours? … 

It’s never been more important to make it easy for your customers to reach you through multiple channels. Meet them where they are and take that weight off their shoulders.

Any support team or company that falters on this one is going to have a hard time keeping up with churn or competitors. 

Some customers are totally fine serving themselves through knowledge bases or asynchronous support – but not everyone works in the same way. 

What channels can you create that’ll make them feel more connected to you? 

We promise it’ll make a difference :) 

What are some other predictions you have for how customer support will change over the next year? We’d love to hear them!