🦄 Stylo + Zendesk = 💖

Nov 17, 2022

Support ticketing prioritization. It’s no easy task. Long-awaited replies can be met with hand-on-hip angered customers, or tickets potentially lost in the ether and, let’s be real. None of us want that. 

Whether you’re a manager or a support agent, you know the feeling of being stuck in the muck of tickets. Staring down the barrel of one queue, having to decide how to prioritize each and every one. Maybe it’s just an average day in ticketland, a new feature that launched causing chaos, or an internal bug wreaking havoc on users. Whatever the case may be, the one thing you know is: tickets are stacking up. You might care deeply about all of them but the overwhelming feeling of not knowing who to get to first can start to wash over you quickly. 

And guess what? We’re living in a time where one bad customer interaction can send people directly to social media where everyone’s about to hear about it, and one bad review can spread faster than anything. So … 

How are we aiming to change the game of customer support? 

The good news is, Stylo and Zendesk have joined forces 🎉

Find Stylo in the Zendesk App Store Here!

What does that mean exactly? Now, not only can teams streamline the gamete of their customer support needs through Zendesk, but they can take it steps further with Stylo. With Style, you can know exactly how your customers feel and detect their sentiment directly from their message. We take the guesswork of your interactions and back it with evidence, so you can know where your customers stand.

Are they ready to throw their computer against a wall in frustration? Are they happy and just have a simple support question? Maybe they just want to tell you how awesome you are (a rare occurrence in the support world but hey, we can dream.) Whatever it is – Stylo and Zendesk’s goal is to help you classify and prioritize your tickets so you know exactly where to start. 

We know support teams lose time every single day sifting through messages and miss out on opportunities to build trust and deeper connections with their customers because of it. And in the current state of the business? That’s not going to cut it anymore. 

It’s about finding ways to work smarter. With the integration we built, not only will you be able to see customer sentiment, but you can prioritize tickets into groups. Maybe you have a group of customers or companies that consistently come up with high frustration scores. Now you can prioritize and tag them together so you can focus on them first and foremost. 

We know you care. Step one to showing your customers you care is knowing how to prioritize their needs and show up for them consistently so they can trust you.

Still curious? Reach out to us and come see what Stylo and Zendesk is all about!