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Stylo Scores more in detail

Frustration Score

Stylo's Frustration score reflects the difficulty of the problem and the level of dissatisfaction behind your customer messages. Stylo does not just look for keywords to measure frustration—powered by an AI text classifier, Stylo can identify and quantify customer’s sentiment even when no emotions were mentioned.

Identify which part of the product causes the highest level of frustration
Prioritize feature requests and cooperate with engineering on building the roadmap
Create and conduct relevant soft skills training  for your reps
Understand your customers' changing needs and reduceescalations

Urgency Score

The first-line support/triage team often determines the urgency and priority of a ticket. This process takes time and can lead to triage errors and escalations. Stylo's Urgency score automatically detects the urgency of every issue based on the customer message, similar ticket behavior in the past, and other sentiment scores.

Never let a customer with a critical issue wait for too long or talk to the wrong rep
Address the most impactful issue first and reduce escalations

No-survey NPS and CSAT

NPS is an essential indicator of your customers' loyalty, easy-to-understand and widely accepted across different industries. However, getting NPS survey responses is hard. Realistically, NPS completion rate varies from 3% to 50%. Stylo has reimagined NPS and CSAT to be calculated on customers' messages, with no surveys sent.

By analyzing support tickets, recorded calls, and emails, Stylo can calculate NPS for every single customer with 100% completion rate.
To prove the accuracy of Stylo No-survey NPS score, we compared NPS collected via the traditional survey with the NPS generated by Stylo AI from customers' messages.

Escalation Likelihood Score

It is challenging to track and address escalation risks in a distributed team working across different time zones. Escalation Score is basically a "Can I talk to the manager?" alert and a powerful tool for a Customer Support leader. The Escalation score is insurance that protects you from an unpredictable escalation.

Get immediately notified if something goes wrong, and never worry about uncontrolled escalation
Ensure high Customer Support standards in a distributed team and strengthen your QA process

Delight Score

Proactive and successful Customer Support means knowing what delights your customers, not just what frustrates them. Unlock a sustainable and effective marketing force by identifying your most enthusiastic customers and brand advocates.

Identify the best customer to get testimonials and customers quotes from
Strengthen your PR strategy with case studies and customer success stories
Find your biggest advocates to build and strengthen the existing community
Learn more about your product audience and ICP from an actual data

Create amazing customer support experiences.

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